The King of the jungle lion when knows fear? It be surprised to know

‘it is known as the’ Paśurāja. Jungle Multiple fight is won himself, he thought to fill all. Killer Hunter knows. However, the king of the jungle, lion kīsē afraid?
Maybe most of the people, and he shall say, of the jungle is almost all the animals are afraid of the fire. Jōrāla the word they are so afraid. But knows what water or soap water bubbles fear the lion?
Surprised! Two million people more than this strange event come to witness.
England’s Paradise Wildlife Park is a white lion. Almost every day is the crowd to see him a few shows his audience. Sinhaṭira name moto. FOR THE LAST 9 years in April, 10 he has feet that day. It is a video on Facebook Posted already which is two more than millions of people. See comments pōsṭaṭitē almost has more than three thousand people.
See the video to see the break down Facebook spread beyond the other social media platform. In the video like tradition now goes viral net in the world.
Saw Lion.. What is afraid of the lion, the king of the jungle. What is fear, fear of the lion, the lion because power is never in fear, fear of what you have seen the lion, the lion you saw the fire is afraid of the white lion, lion, what type of animals

Translated from Bengali

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